How to Put Sprinkles on Sugar Cookies Without Frosting?

Last Updated on January 27, 2022

This humorous and easy tutorial will teach you how to put sprinkles on your sugar cookies without using frosting. The method is a refreshing change from the usual, but be sure to use caution – too much icing can result in cracked or broken pieces.

When making sugar cookies, it is important to remember that the sprinkles will not stick if they are baked with frosting. To make sure that the sprinkles stay on your sugar cookies, you have to bake them without frosting.

How do you put sprinkles on cookies after baking?

A: To put sprinkles on cookies after baking, you should first let the cookies cool down for a few minutes. Then, use a spoon to scoop out some of the cookie dough and roll it into small balls. Place these balls on top of each other in a cupcake-like shape. Lastly, sprinkle your desired amount of sprinkles over the top of the cookies.

The “how to prevent sprinkles from bleeding” is a common problem that many people have experienced. The solution is easy, just put the sprinkles on before you add the frosting.

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