How to Make Fondant Trees?

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

Fondant is a type of sugar-based icing or candy coating made from corn syrup, water, and powdered sugar. It typically has no taste and can be colored with food coloring to create the desired effect. Fondant comes in many colors that range from white through various shades of green to brown and blue.

Fondant trees are a great way to create the perfect Christmas tree or any other holiday decor. This tutorial will teach you how to make fondant trees and bushes.

How do you make a fondant tree?

A: To make a fondant tree, you need to start by rolling out a thin layer of fondant on your work surface. Then, using a knife or pastry cutter, cut the fondant into small pieces. Next, mix together some green food coloring and corn syrup in a bowl until it is a uniform color. Now take the fondant pieces and roll them into balls. Finally, roll each ball of fondant into a long snake shape that is about 1/4 inch thick.


Fondant trees are a great way to decorate for any holiday. These types of decorations can be made in various shapes and sizes. This tutorial will show you how to make a flat fondant tree. Reference: fondant tree flat.

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